Global Market Commentary

April 08, 2016

Market Summary

Market summary. We are bullish on gold and some foreign markets, as well as stable growth companies in the U.S. We expect modest appreciation for the S&P 500 this year. We are avoiding Europe and Japan, and we are interested in gold and in some beaten-down markets such as Brazil and Russia. Some foreign currencies will offer opportunities as the Dollar continues to move sideways. Countries that live by commodity exports are exiting a depressed period, and commodity exports will soon bounce and then stabilize. Given this situation, we think the currencies of commodity-exporting countries such as Brazil, Russia, and Canada are attractive. We will be buying on dips. These currencies will rally as investors realize that the worst is over; their economies will stabilize as commodities begin to rally and then to move sideways. This reversion to the mean for the bonds, stocks, and currencies of some countries looks to be the most attractive investment in the world.  To read our full premium commentary, please click the following link: April 07, 2016 Premium Global Market Commentary