Investment Process

Global Macro: flexible allocation to various global markets based on a top-down analysis of global social, political, economic, technological, and demographic trends, and bottom-up research on companies, sectors, and industries.

Idea Generation

Identify opportunity through:

  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Industry contacts
  • Research reports
  • Search for catalysts

Investment Selection

  • Target specific region, country, industry, sector, or company
  • Identify exposure vehicle including equities, bonds, and currencies
  • Conduct fundamental research
    • Analysis via contacting company spokespeople, research analysts, suppliers, competitors
    • Reviewing financial statements and regulatory filings
  • Review risk/reward
    • Minimum 3:1 upside potential to downside risk
    • Target allocation

Monitor & Review

  • Active monitoring of news, events, research, and global markets
  • Continual review of risk/reward
  • Strict loss-cutting mechanism