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We provide fully discretionary investment portfolio management services to U.S. and foreign persons with individual accounts, pension, and IRA accounts, as well as domestic and foreign investment companies. We study the world, do the homework, make strategic asset allocations, and make buy and sell decisions so our clients don’t have to.

Types of Investments

For our managed accounts, Guild seeks to find opportunities for appreciation and income in:

  • Stocks in U.S.- and non-U.S.-based companies
  • ETFs and index shares of U.S. and foreign markets and commodities
  • Foreign currency deposits or forwards
  • Other foreign-currency-denominated securities such as bonds, cash equivalents, index shares, or derivatives instruments

Client Commitment and Reporting

Our support staff will deliver accurate and timely performance reports that you will find intelligible and useful. We will send you quarterly written descriptions of our investment outlook, including our views on interest rates, markets, and important social, political, and economic events that can impact portfolio performance.

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For high-net worth-investors seeking a more aggressive approach to global investing, Guild Investment Management offers Global Aggressive Growth investment management services.

Global Aggressive Growth investment management accounts can utilize leverage, short selling, short-term trading, and other techniques to seek returns and manage market exposure.

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For investors seeking capital appreciation in the global markets using a less aggressive approach, without the use of leverage or short selling, Guild Investment Management offers Global Growth investment management services.

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For global investors needing income first, and capital appreciation second, Guild manages individual accounts that are tailored to meet the individual investor’s needs, objectives, and risk tolerance.

The investor’s income requirements, tax situation, interest in and familiarity with different classes of bonds and other income instruments, preferred custodial arrangements, and the timing of their cash needs, are considered when developing their individual plan.

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Guild Investment Management’s Hybrid Strategy has a unique approach to seeking capital appreciation and current income in global markets, opportunistically seeking appreciation and current income while managing risk and reward through portfolio exposure. In addition to transparency and immediate liquidity, the style’s flexibility allows the manager to select from multiple asset classes and allows for active management of the risk exposure in the portfolio.

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Guild is not committed to particular asset classes, asset allocations, or managing versus a benchmark. Guild’s commitment is to extract positive real returns through asset allocation and active management of the portfolios’ exposure based on an analysis of the global macroeconomic environment. In all economic environments, Guild measures the perceived reward versus the perceived risk to determine the optimal investment strategy at that time: focusing the portfolio on seeking income and appreciation or defensively preserving capital.

If you have a unique situation, please inquire with our office for additional assistance and to receive additional information.

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