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REGISTER NOW: Opportunities In the Late-Cycle Bull

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We said in our last conference call that the bull market was not dead.  As 2018 gets underway, the U.S. stock market continues to rally — but what lies ahead in the coming year?

  • Can investors expect further bullish performance from stocks?  Some observers believe the market has already anticipated the benefits of corporate tax cuts and stronger growth.  We think a review of bull-market history suggests that optimism is still warranted — as long as you’re carefully watching the right signals.
  • Will U.S. GDP growth and corporate profits continue their uptrend?  We’ll examine the critical indicators — especially the all-important U.S. dollar.
  • Are there risks ahead from rising inflation and interest rates?  We’ll outline these risks, and let you know the most important indicators to watch, as well as the most vulnerable sectors and asset classes.
  • And most important, where can you find the best investment opportunities of the year?

Please join us on February 22 at 10:00 AM PST for our conference call/webinar “2018:  Opportunities In the Late-Cycle Bull.”

For almost 50 years, Guild Investment Management has worked to identify the best investment opportunities we can find for our clients.  Founded in 1971 by Monty Guild, Guild Investment Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor dedicated to helping our clients achieve their investment goals and objectives while minimizing their exposure to unnecessary risks in the global markets.  Our investment team has 75 years of experience in nearly every market environment.  You can read more about the team here.

On this call, Monty Guild, Anthony Danaher, Rudi von Abele, and Tim Shirata will provide an analysis of current global investment markets in the light of economic developments, geopolitics, and market dynamics.  We’ll discuss the investment landscape in the United States, developed markets, and the emerging world, and will describe our favored countries, sectors, and industries — as well as where we see risks of which investors should be aware.  We’ll cover equities, bonds, real estate, and digital assets such as Bitcoin.

The call will be approximately 60 minutes, including a Q&A session following the slide presentation.

If you would like to submit your questions prior to the conference call, please email them to  If you are unable to attend the call, a playback will be available on our secure site shortly after the call’s completion.

To register for the call, please click the link below.