Guild Investment Management Inc.’s mission since its founding has been to provide its clients with high returns while minimizing their investment portfolios’ risk profile over both intermediate and longer term periods.

Our Process

Risk Exposure Evaluation

Idea Generation

Investment Selection

Investment Execution

Monitor & Review

  • Top-down analysis of global social, political, economic, technological, and demographic trends
  • Global travel to visit countries and companies and identify investment opportunities
  • Bottom-up research and in-depth analysis
  • Active risk management

Manage Position Risk

  • Active risk management through continuous evaluation of portfolio positions
  • “Buy and hold” does not work in all market environments; employ position tracking and analytical routines to identify periods of distribution
  • Only publicly traded, liquid investments considered

Manage Portfolio Risk

  • Flexibility to reduce exposure when risk/reward ratio does not meet criteria
  • Flexibility to hedge portfolio exposure with instruments that protect against inflation, such as precious metals, commodities, equities, and ETFs (that may pay low or no income)
  • Maintain liquidity in portfolio

Manage Operational Risk

  • Use third-party custodian for all assets
  • Review execution and clearing procedures before initiating trades in local markets
  • Maintain audit trail of trade activity
  • Reconcile daily portfolio activity with custodian

Investment Strategies

Identify Opportunity

  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Industry contacts
  • Research reports
  • Search for catalysts

Select Method for Gaining Exposure

  • Review investment thesis
  • Target specific region, country, industry, sector, or company
  • Identify vehicle, including equities, bonds, and currencies
  • Conduct fundamental analysis via contacting company spokespeople, research analysts, suppliers, and competitors, and reviewing financial statements and regulatory filings
  • Review risk/reward: target minimum 3:1 potential total return to perceived downside risk
  • Maintain liquidity within entire portfolio

Disciplined Trade Routing

  • Use multiple providers to seek best execution

Maintain, Increase, or Reduce Exposure As Appropriate

  • Active monitoring of news, events, research, and global markets
  • Continual review of risk/reward
  • Strict loss-cutting mechanism